If you are fed up with a shower curtain that billows every time you take a shower and want a screen instead, then there are plenty of materials to choose from. Glass remains an ever-popular choice for shower screens, and there is a clear difference between glazing your shower enclosure and using more opaque materials. If you are considering updating your bathroom or reconfiguring your en-suite in the near future, why would you choose glass as your preferred screening material? Read on to find out why so many Australians prefer it.

Shower Safely

To begin with, toughened glass is a very safe material to use in shower rooms. It will withstand accidental impacts without shattering and can put up with hot water spraying onto it even when the ambient temperature of your bathroom is low. So-called tempered glazing is widely used in bathrooms because it is so safe.

Clear Lines of Sight

One of the things that puts many people off opaque shower screens is that they cannot see through them when showering. Even in the more generously proportioned shower enclosures, this can lead to a sense of being trapped. If you are the sort of person who doesn't like enclosed spaces, then the transparency of unfrosted glass is likely to appeal to you greatly.

Enjoy a Lighter Ambience

Another important factor in glazed shower enclosures is that they offer clear lines of sight when you are not showering. In other words, they can be seen through when the shower isn't occupied, giving en-suites and bathrooms an airier atmosphere than they would otherwise enjoy. More sunlight from your window can penetrate into the room when glass is deployed meaning that there will be a great feeling of space.

Versatile Layouts

Glass shower screens can be made to fit any layout you might want. Maybe, you want a bi-folding screen so it can fold away neatly when it isn't in use? Perhaps you want a double-sized enclosure with screens at either end? There again, you might prefer screens that provide an L-shaped configuration. With glass, the possibilities are endless.

Stay Looking Fresh

Finally, glass is easy to clean. Unlike other materials that you need to scrub or apply certain chemical sprays to, a glass shower screen merely needs a wipe over and a squeegee to keep it in mint condition even if your shower is used multiple times a day.

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