Part of the fun of a printed glass splashback is that you can select any high-quality image of your choice to cover the back. To help you choose a picture that works in your kitchen, consider the following tips.

High-Resolution Images

A kitchen splashback typically covers a large area of the wall. Thus, if you print an image on the back of the glass panels, it needs to be big. If you choose an image defined in terms of pixel number, you need a high-resolution image, one with a lot of pixels. The reason for this is that stretching out an image with too few pixels can give it a jagged or stair-stepped appearance, and the picture won't look crisp and sharp. Your splashback specialists can tell you how much resolution your image should have.

Vector Graphics

Some images aren't defined in terms of pixel number — they're called vector graphics. These images are defined geometrically, which means you can stretch or scale them to any size without the picture quality degrading. If you see an image of patterns or illustrations, they might be vector graphics. Typically, these pictures have more explicit definitions and lines between objects rather than interspersed colours and shapes. Imagine the difference between a photo of autumn leaves scattering the ground (a painterly pixel image) and a clearly defined drawing of this subject (a vector picture). You can choose either type of image for your glass splashback.

Picture Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a picture refers to its shape and dimensions: the width versus the height. Printed glass splashbacks typically cover a wide and low area, so you need an image with a similar aspect ratio or proportions. For instance, don't select a tall skinny image if your splashback is relatively flat and elongated. Images such as cityscapes or country scene often work well as they fit into a panoramic landscape shape. You can also create a stunning effect with an image of repeating forest tree trunks or other vertically-stressed pictures.

Photos of Texture

Do you want a sense of texture for your splashback? If so, you could choose a photograph of surfaces like a red brick wall or white- and black-streaked marble. That way, you can enjoy rugged brickwork or luxurious natural stone without having to stress about the maintenance that these materials practically demand. Instead, you'll have a smooth piece of glass, which you can easily wipe with a microfiber cloth.