Glass splashbacks are a popular option in Australia for many reasons, but they might not all be initially clear to someone who is new to interior design. After all, glass might seem like a terrible option for a surface in perhaps the busiest room of the house. The truth is that glass splashbacks are not like other types of glass, but rather a reinforced, special type of glass that can easily withstand the pressures you will find in any kitchen. Here are three reasons why glass splashbacks should be one of your first choices when it comes to your kitchen counter.

Thermal Resistant

The kitchen can be a very hot place, from the oven to the microwave and all the different hotplates and appliances you have, which is why you need a surface that does not get prematurely aged by heat. Glass splashbacks do not present any signs of burning or wear and tear from the hot environment created by the appliances that surround them. They also preserve their temperature quite well in summer, even when in direct sunlight, so you won't burn your hand on even the hottest and brightest of days. Thermal resistance is an important feature, and it is one glass has in spades.

Seamless And Customisable Surface

Unlike tiles or stone and even granite, glass splashbacks are completely borderless which means they don't have any grout or joinery that interrupts their surface. This makes them extremely attractive to minimalism lovers but also makes them far easier to clean and less likely to break down due to crumbling grout. You can also choose what colour, pattern and shade you want your glass splashbacks to be, meaning the possibilities are almost endless. Often the toughest part of getting a glass splashback is narrowing down your choice to just one option.

Easy To Clean

The number one feature of a good and useful kitchen surface is one that is easy to clean. You don't want materials that gather dust, food scraps and liquids like a sponge, but rather you want something that is immune to all of the above. Glass is not easy to stain, and it certainly does not allow foodstuffs and bacteria into its surface. Most of the time a single paper towel can be used to wipe up after cooking, and even at its hardest all it takes is a few squirts of your chosen cleaning agent and dried scraps come right off.

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