Whether building a new home or remodelling your bathroom, you may need to install a shower enclosure. A glass model will enhance the space in several ways. Here are several benefits.

Creates An Open Feeling

As glass allows the free flow of light, these showers evoke a sense of spaciousness in the bathroom. While an opaque screen divides an area, transparent glass provides a physical but not a visual block. It stops splashing water without hindering the view. Additionally, smooth, polished glass reflects light, brightening up the room's ambience. This further adds to the impression of a larger area.

Versatile Options

No matter what design and size of bathroom you have, you can customise a glass shower to enhance the area. A frameless model without much metal hardware seems the most invisible and gives the greatest sense of openness. At the other end, the glass panels of fully-framed models feature metal trim along all four edges, which draws attention to the boundaries. Both, however, give a sense of expansion.

Depending on the layout of the room, you can install a square, rectangle, hexagonal or round enclosure. Position it in a corner to maximise space or, within a narrow room, place the shower at one end. Door options include sliding, swinging or bi-fold. Swinging doors require space to arc open, which affects where you can position the various elements in the overall area. For a small bathroom, select sliding or bi-fold doors for a more functional space.

Glazing Options

You can also personalise the glazing to achieve the look you're after and to give privacy to those having a shower. Frosted glazing is one possibility that can be as cloudy or as transparent as you wish. You can install glass with a frosted horizontal centre panel, but with transparent sections along the top and bottom. This allows free-flowing light while obscuring the view also. The frosting can also form decorative designs. Why not install glass with running water or swimming fish motifs? Simple geometric shapes are another possibility.

Alternatively, enhance the bathroom with tinted glass in bronze, grey, green or blue. Choose darker tints to obscure the shower screens more. By repeating a hue from stonework or tiles, you can merge the shower with the decor. An added benefit of frost and tint techniques is that they disguise soap scum so your shower will be easier to maintain. Finally, if you're not concerned about privacy, you can select low iron glass, which is without the faint green cast that characterises standard glass. Low iron glazing sparkles with absolute clarity and provides the most transparent option.