Splashbacks are often seen as something to add colour and style to your kitchen, but they also provide the benefit of protecting your wall from food splatter. This is why they are often placed behind the stove and the sink where splatters tend to occur. There are a lot of different materials that can be used for the splashbacks, with glass tile being a very popular choice. Here are some reasons to consider glass tile splashbacks.

Glass Makes the Kitchen Look Larger

One of the interesting benefits to using glass tile for your kitchen splashback is the fact that it can make your kitchen look larger. When light hits a glass surface, it bounces off that surface, and can then create the look of a larger kitchen. This is ideal for a compact kitchen in the same way a mirror helps any small room more spacious. You can get clear glass tiles that actually look like tiny mirrors to provide a vibrant effect in the kitchen, or go with more of a traditional coloured pattern with the splashback tiles.

It is Easy to Take Care Of

Glass is easy to clean, which is another useful advantage of glass splashback tiles. You know splatter is going to happen, but you don't want to be dealing with frequent stains of the tile like you get with ceramic or porcelain tiles. Some splashback tiles also tend to get buildup in the edges between the tiles, but glass rarely has this problem. As long as you wipe them down regularly, they won't stain and the tiles will last a long time.

You Get a Unique Look in the Kitchen

When you are going for an improved appearance in your kitchen, glass is an ideal choice. In addition to the effect you get when light hits the tiles, glass splashback tiles also provide unique colours and patterns. Many of them are more translucent than ceramic, which leads to a mix between a modern style and a chic one in your kitchen. Combine them with modern kitchen appliances for a truly jaw-dropping look.

Glass Splashbacks Are Eco-Friendly

Don't forget about the fact that glass is also an eco-friendly materials. It can be recycled if you ever decide to remove the tiles for another material, or if some of them break and you need to dispose of them. You might also be able to find glass splashback tiles that are already made from recyclable materials to further help give you a greener kitchen.