You may have just moved into a home that has a glass cook-top stove. The glass cook-top may be scratched and you may want to fix that aesthetic imperfection before you start using it to prepare your meals. This article discusses some tips that you can implement in order to prevent that glass from being scratched again after a glass repair technician has fixed the existing scratches.

Lift Pots

One of the mistakes that people make is to drag cooking pots on the cook-top. This practice causes scratches to develop on the cook-top because some pots have rough surfaces. Avoid dragging cooking pots so that you reduce the likelihood that your glass cook-top will have its surface damaged.

Use a Rubber Spatula

Some food spills may become encrusted onto the surface of the glass cook-top. Use a hard rubber spatula to remove such food spills before you clean the glass cook-top. This will prevent those baked-on foods from damaging the glass as you vigorously scrub them off during a cleaning session.

Clean the Cook-Top Regularly

It is advisable that your clean your glass cook-top immediately after you have used it. This habit will save your glass cook-top from being damaged by any chemical reactions that could have taken place between the active ingredients in the food that you prepared and the glass. Prompt cleaning also saves the glass from developing stains that may affect its aesthetic appeal. Remember to wait until the glass has cooled before you clean it.

Choose the Cookware You Use Carefully

Many stove manufacturers recommend certain types of cookware (such as pots) for their products. Read the manual of your glass cook-top stove and find out the kinds of cookware that are recommended for use with that stove. If the manual isn't available, visit the website of the manufacturer of that stove. You will find all the information you need. Stick to the recommended cookware so that you are sure that the cookware is compatible with the stove.

Avoid Abrasives

Never use abrasive scrubbers or chemicals to clean your stove. Those substances can easily contact the glass cook-top and scratch it. Use the cleaning methods recommended by the stove manufacturer.

Use the tips above to maintain the pristine appearance of your glass cook-top. You can also ask the glass repair professional who repaired the scratches that you found on the cook-top for advice on the additional measures that you can take to prevent additional scratches from developing.