The presents are unwrapped, the delighted squeals have faded, and your hyped-up-by-sugar children are enjoying some sun-time fun time outside with their new cricket set. The last thing you want to hear while you're getting Christmas dinner ready is a not-so-delightful crash when the new cricket ball meets a glass window. It is difficult to find a company that does emergency glass repairs on Christmas Day, and you probably don't want to pay that call-out fee anyway, so what can you do to protect the smashed window until the repairer arrives the next day?

Cracked Glass

If you are super lucky, the window only cracked when it was hit by the cricket ball, but it did not shatter completely. The reason why this is lucky is because you don't have to go looking for something you can use to cover the window because the glass is no longer there.

For a cracked window, grab yourself a pair of heavy duty gloves, such as the ones you use for gardening, and take a closer look at the window. Place two fingers on the glass away from the crack, and give the glass a gentle push to make sure it is not moving in the frame. If there is no movement, the glass should be fine until you get the emergency glass repairer over. If you are worried about the crack spreading, take a piece of masking tape longer than the crack and place it over this area. Make sure you place a piece on the inside of the glass if the crack has penetrated through to the other side. This will stop any moisture getting into the crack, which could expand and cause the crack to get bigger.

Smashed Glass

Smashed glass is a different problem because you now have a gaping hole in your window that exposes the affected room to the outside elements. It is often recommended you board up the area with a piece of plywood, but how many people have large pieces of plywood lying around? With it being Christmas Day, your local hardware store is unlikely to be open to supply this to you.

Your best choice right now is to look around for a large sheet of thick plastic, an old tarpaulin you can cut to fit, or heavy duty garbage bags. Cut two pieces to a size larger than the window frame, and secure them on both the inside and the outside of house. Duct tape is a great item to keep at home to deal with situations like this. Alternatively, use a staple gun if you have one available.

Because a plastic covered window is a security risk, make sure you call an emergency glass repairer on Boxing Day to come by and fix your window. That way you can head out and hit the sales afterwards knowing your home is properly secured once again. You may also want to avoid buying cricket sets for the kids next Christmas!