Kitchen glass splashbacks are excellent additions to modern kitchens thanks to their stylish appearance and practical functionality. Blocking stains and blemishes from damaging your walls, these protective splashbacks come in a variety of materials, but glass produces unparalleled elegance with its uninterrupted single-panel finish. These design trends will help you introduce stylish kitchen glass splashbacks for an electrifying cooking space.

Mirror Splashbacks

If you have a small kitchen or if you're looking to infuse a sense of space, mirror kitchen glass splashbacks are the perfect choice because they reflect light and images to open up the space in a room. With sleek appeal and a polished appearance, these splashbacks are easy to clean with their joint-free surfaces. Mirror splashbacks look good in any modern kitchen, but they provide the most function in small kitchens by creating the illusion of space.

Patterned Splashbacks

Patterned kitchen glass splashbacks are perfect for people who want to add dramatic décor to their kitchens without making too much of an effort. You can choose between different types of geometric, paisley, freestyle or floral patterns for your kitchen splashback design. The best part of choosing patterns is the freedom of choice you have when it comes to bringing a sense of drama to the kitchen, but you'll naturally want the pattern to reflect the incumbent kitchen theme. For example, geometric patterns look best in straight-lined kitchens with minimal curves, while floral patterns look best in soft and delicate kitchens.

Single or Dual Toned Splashbacks  

If you like the idea of simple décor, then single or dual toned kitchen glass splashbacks are excellent additions to modern kitchens. Using single or dual tones, these types of splashbacks present a look of minimal elegance to the room. You'll want to choose colours that resonate with your existing décor for a cohesive finish. For example, for an olive green kitchen, you can choose matching shades of green or you can choose contrasting colours like reds and blues for producing a vivid finish.

Landscape Splashbacks

Being confined to indoor cooking doesn't mean you can't appreciate the beauty of nature in the comfort of your home. You can install landscape-themed kitchen glass splashbacks to bring the outdoors inside. Choose landscapes based on your personal tastes and preferences for the most soothing effect while cooking. For example, if you like the ocean, you can get beach sceneries embossed on your splashbacks. If you're a country person, get the Australian outback landscape printed on your kitchen glass splashbacks.

Use these design trend ideas for choosing your own kitchen glass splashbacks.