In order to clean yourself, you have a shower. While the dirt is washed away from your body, it can often accumulate on the screens of the shower. While it may seem like a straightforward process initially, cleaning shower doors requires a bit of specialist attention and advice.

The cleaning process will not take very long if you keep on top of it on a regular basis, so it is worthwhile to add it into your cleaning routine. It doesn't matter whether your shower door is made out of plastic or glass, the solution remains the same. Here is some useful advice to keep in mind the next time you are cleaning your shower screen.

Having the correct cleaning materials

You should always use cleaning products that are specifically designed in order to clean the bathroom, as opposed to creating your own home made solution, as these can often be slightly too abrasive for shower screens. Using a squeegee as part of the cleaning process will give the screen a very neat and professional looking finish. A great tool to have in order to clean the grime out of the corners and any grooves is an old toothbrush. This will be able to get right into spots that a cloth cannot.

The shower screen cleaning process

You should begin by giving the surface a comprehensive wipe down by using a damp cloth, focusing on any particularly stubborn spots. You should then use the specific shower cleaning product in order to thoroughly clean the screen once again.

These products should be applied using a cloth that is soft and non-abrasive, as well as gentle scrubbing, as you don't want to scratch the surface of the shower screen. When using a cleaning product that you have never tested before, try it out on a small patch to make sure that it is effective and will not leave a stain or scratch.  Finally, you should rinse off the entire screen with water.

If you live in an area that has hard water, this can often leave a foggy and stained appearance on the glass or plastic because it is full of lime scale. Therefore, it is vital that you use a squeegee in order to wipe down the water once you are finished. If the shower screen is still looking slightly dull, use a combination of water and white vinegar to give the shower screen another going over. You should then buff the area with a dry cloth. The vinegar is effective, as it should bring out a nice shine in the screen.

For more information about maintenance of shower screens, you may want to contact your screen supplier or manufacturer.