Apart from connecting your home's interior to the outside environment, windows add a lot onto the beauty of a house. Their appearance can also tell a lot about a home owner's character. Therefore, they need to always look beautiful and unique. If you are a first-time glazier working for a company like Stevens Glass Pty Ltd wondering how you can provide the best windows for your residential clients, you may want to consider the following suggestions.

Insulated Glazing

This type of glazing uses double or triple panes in one window. The space between the panes acts as a vacuum which reduces heat transfer across parts of the building envelope. This in turn provides the home with a cool and more comfortable environment. In addition, you may also want to use laminated or tempered glass. This type of glass material is less conductive to heat and would act as an effective insulator. You can reduce heat transfer further by using them in double or triple panes.

Use Stained Glass

Stained glass is also known as coloured glass. Apart from being used in church windows, you may also want to incorporate this into homes. Moreover, the stained glass would give your clients plenty of design options. You can use small pieces of coloured glass to form patterns and pictures to the specification of the homeowner. This would make the windows appear unique and also add more colour to the house's exterior. Apart from fitting glass pieces, you may also paint the glass to a colour according to the requirements of the owner.

 Use Architectural Glass

As a glazier, it is important to ensure the safety of the homeowner. The architectural glass has not only been laminated but also toughened and reinforced as well. It is especially useful for homes which require a ceiling to floor windows, such as mansions or penthouses. In addition, the thick material of this glass protects the homeowner from harsh weathers such as blizzards and wind storms.

Use Self-Cleaning Glasses

These are glasses which have self-cleaning properties. Moreover, these windows have a photocatalytic effect. This effect puts ultraviolet rays to use by breaking down organic compounds that are on the window. In addition to the effect, the glass also forms a thin layer of water which washes away the broken organic compounds, thus keeping the window clean all the time. This can relieve the homeowner of the hassle of having to clean windows, eventually saving time and money.