When it comes to the safety and the security of your home, you require the best glass products in the market. For a long time, glass has proven to be a good solution of guaranteeing safety and security in many homes.

The choice of glass to use is a major contributing factor of how secure your home is. However, after a few emergency replacement of ordinary standard glass, you might feel the need to use a glass that is more breakage resistant and has extra strength. To achieve maximum safety and security, you might want to consider the application of high level security glasses. They include:

Tempered glass

Tempered or toughened glass is highly recommended for safety purposes. It weighs, feels and looks like the ordinary glass but to make it stronger it undergoes through heat and chemical treatment. The process involved in its manufacture compresses the outer surface of the glass, while at the same time creating tension in the inner surface.

 Its increased mechanical resistance to breakage is as a result of the counteracting stresses. Tempered glass does not break easily, even when hit with a hammer. When it does break, it safely crumbles to small granular particles that won't cut.You can use toughened glass on your doors, windows, shower doors and refrigerator.

Laminated glass

 It consists of two or more layers bonded together to give it more strength.Rather than shuttering on impact, laminated glass tends to hold together and stay in the frame. This reduces the safety hazards that could occur in your home due to shattered glass as well as prevent easy penetration.

Upon breakage, laminated glass falls into large pieces which remain together forming a spider web pattern. If you live in a hurricane prone area, laminated glass is an excellent choice for your doors and windows. It also has an added advantage of blocking out UV radiations into your home.

Plate glass.

It is also known as flat glass or sheet glass. Through a roller process, a glass is cast into a solid plate to produce a flat/plate glass. It is less durable compared to tempered and laminated glass. However, you might want to consider going for an incredibly thick plate glass which is highly durable to more delicate varieties.

This type of glass is extremely flat and free of distortions. It is best suitable for your windows. You should however be very careful around a broken plate glass. Its broken shards can cause serious injuries.

Consider these three kinds of glass as you contemplate an emergency glass replacement